Welcome to Owl Talks

We have been recording lectures and seminars for more than 10 years.  The audio and video recordings are then made available for online review where you can watch them from the convenience of your office, home or your mobile device so that you can review them while on the move.

Online access to academic lectures is not a replacement for attending conferences, but it provides exposure to a wider range of material than you would normally be able to access in normal, day to day life and for very low cost.

Sadly, Owl Talks will be closing within the next month.

No further subscriptions will be collected and you should not attempt to create a new paid subscription.

If you have been a subscriber, we thank you for your custom and wish you well for the future.

Interesting Content

Our content is based on a range of material from lecturers who are leaders in their respective fields. The focus of their lectures covers a wide range of views that are often at the cutting edge of current opinion. The speakers deservedly receive the respect of their peers.

Benefits of Membership

Stay Up to Date

Having ready access to the latest and best minds in the field allows you stay up to date with the latest thinking.


Subscription costs are a fraction of the cost of attending conferences, so you can afford to attend some conferences as well as see a wider range of lectures than you might normally be able to do.


Watch the latest lectures at your leisure: at home, in the office or even on the train.


Conferences and seminars invite the leaders in their fields to speak. The same lecturers are recorded to provide professorial lessons for subscribers to view.

Personal Subscriptions

Many of our subscribers are individuals who work in their own offices and need to maintain an up to date knowledge of the thoughts and practices of their peers around the world.  Owl Talks provides a convenient way to achieve this.  Of course personally attending conferences and seminars is important, but there are far more meetings going on around the world than one person could manage to get to.  Owl Talks is a great supplement by making lectures available from a wide array of speakers in a range of settings and content.


US $15

per month

Full Access
for 12 mths
12 Monthly payments


US $7

per VIEW

Access to chosen lecture
for 1 day


Libraries, particularly academic libraries attached to universities, find the resources of Owl Talks a helpful addition to their resources.  Naturally one of the librarians can request the service but we also find that academics sometimes request that the library subscribe to ensure that their department has access to the information that we provide.


Professional Associations subscribe to Owl Talks for the benefit of their members.

This provides a useful means for an association to provide added value to their members and encourage continued membership.

If you would like pricing, please contact us for more details.

Conference Organisers

If you are a conference organiser and would like us to attend and record your proceedings please contact us.  Our costs for conference attendance only extend to covering reasonable expenses, which can be recovered with a very small supplemental charge to the attendees of the conference.

Immediately following a conference, we are able to provide attendees with a recording of the plenary sessions on a memory card for them to take away.  There is a small charge associated with this, and profit from sales are equally shared with the conference organiser.

After the conference has concluded, we then edit each recording for quality and technical issues and publish them as part of the Owl Talks collection.

There are a number of benefits to publishing your conference content:

Extend the Influence of the Conference

By publishing the conference content, the presentations live on into the future instead of being lost as a one of presentation at the conference.  This helps to promote the conference organisers, the presenters, and the concepts being discussed.

Passive Advertising for the Next Conference.

With the conference available all the time, the conference receives greater exposure and encourages people to attend in the future.

Provision of Online Material for the Association and the Presenters.

For a small fee, we are able to provide code for conference organisers to embed specific lectures in their own website for promotion.  Similarly, we can provide an embedding link for the speakers to incorporate into their own websites.

Live View

If required, and for those who were not able to attend, we are able to set up a live webinar feed to allow conference attendees to participate remotely. This can be an additional source of fees for the conference.

Promotional Video

If organised prior to the meeting, we are able to create a promotional video from footage taken at the conference. The organiser can then use this for the next years meeting as promotional material.

Our Core Team

Dr Kamal Touma


Kamal founded the organisation more than ten years ago with the view of capturing the important lectures of the Westmead Psychotherapy Unit and ANZAP.

Pascale Touma


Pascale has been central to the business since its early beginnings. In recent years she has had the crucial role of organising new developments and editing materials.

Dr Neil Schultz

General Manager

Neil is the newest member of the team that is steering the organisation into a broader and more modern approach.

Dwain Wanschers

Technical Advisor & Videography

Dwain has been with the organisation since its earliest of days and has been responsible for much of its technical development. You will often see him at conferences and seminars.

Nooria Mehraby

Nooria has been an invaluable asset in providing the organisation with editorial services. She has first hand insight into refugee trauma, cross cultural counselling and working with children.

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