Well Being

New Zealand Approaches to the Provision of Mental Health and Well Being Services for People from Refugee Backgrounds

Youth Mentoring: Maximizing Engagement, Improving Resilience and Social Inclusion.

Physical Activity for Health Among Torture and Trauma Survivors: an opportunity for treatment and prevention.

Future In Our Hands: Volleyball Project which Empowered Girls from Refugee Background.

Supporting Wellbeing and Social Inclusion for Young People of Refugee Backgrounds: evaluation of the Ucan2 Program.

How Exposure to Injustice may Impact on Mental Health.

Finding Wellbeing through Cultural Strengths, Empowerment and Trauma Healing: a group for Congolese single women resettling in a regional Australian town.

An Islamic Perspective on Human Development.

Can faith as well as human psychological

Spiritual Dissonance – application to provider and patient care

There is increasing acceptance that the spiritual dimension of humans influences health, especially mental health. But, many people equate the spiritual with religion; others do not. The four domains model of spiritual health/well-being will be presented, with reference to the quality of relationships people have with themselves, others, nature and/or God (PhD, University of Melbourne, 1998).

A successful model of intervention

"lnterpersonal relationships are vital. Without interpersonal bonds neither individual nor species survival would have been possible". (Yalom 2005) "The 'harvest' of group work is change/growth" (Yalom 2005) This symposium would venture to look at the relevance of group interventions as building capacity within the individual of coping and resilience in the face of forced displacement and acculturation. The accompanying mental health issues are implicitly recognised. In Yalom's "The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy" (2005) he speaks of the mechanisms of change within group work: (a) members value deeply acceptance and support they receive from the group (cohesiveness) (b) Members dealing with social isolation may obtain greater benefit from the group (c) The group is an important environment for learning to take place.

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