Former Members of AudioVisual Archives, PsycheVisual or

Sexual Health Visual

How did I get here from PsycheVisual or Sexual Health Visual?

If you were a member of PsycheVisual or Sexual Health Visual, then you have been redirected to Owl Talks from that membership. Owl Talks is owned and managed by the same organisation, AudioVisual Archives; this is the next stage of the evolution.
In the new format, the libraries have been combined, so you now have access to more material and we now hope to cast the net wider and begin to increase our library with material from a broader range of sources.
The new website is also a more modern and we hope more intuitive way to find your way around our library.

I am a personal subscriber, is my subscription still valid?


If you were on a monthly subscription previously, then this will continue in the same way as before.
If you were on an annual subscription, you will have been resubscribed with credits until the end of your current subscription. Once it has expired you will need to resubscribe at that time.

However, you were subscribed as either a PsycheVisual OR Sexual Health Visual user before, but now, you have access to all libraries. This doubles the value of your subscription.

My Association paid for my membership, is this subscription still valid?


However, your association has been provided with a new access code which should have been provided to you by your association. If you do not have this code, you need to contact your association.

Once you have this code, you need to register yourself as a user but be sure to select ‘Association Member’ and then enter the code that was provided to you. Once you have done this, you will be part of your association’s membership and have full access that they have signed up for.

I normally access via my university, is my subscription still valid?


Like before, when you login, you will have access to all the video material that we have.
You do not need to register individually, but if you would like to use the “My List” feature, which allows you to create your own personal list of video’s to watch at your convenience, then registering will allow you to access your personal list. When you register, be sure to select university member. You will not have to pay anything any you will be able to access everything from the university login.

Searching, Browsing and Playing Videos in the Owl Talks Library

What is the best way to browse the content in Owl Talks?

The new Owl Talks site provides a number of ways for you to locate content that you want.

Use the Magnifying Glass. At the top right of the screen you can click the magnifying glass where you can enter the search term and the site will look for key words, speakers and titles that match the search term you have entered and display results.

Use the Browse Functions. The basic browse function is accessed by selecting ‘Lectures’ on the menu to open the general browser. Select ‘Areas of Interest/Categories’ to begin moving through the browse functions.

I know the name of the speaker, can I look for only speakers?

Yes you can.

Select ‘Lectures>Speakers’ to open the speakers page. The speakers page includes many pages of speakers, you can scroll through the various speakers and pages.

Enter the first or second name of the speaker, or even part of the name and click ‘Search’. The site will return results that match your search parameters.
Select the speakers name, and the speakers page will open showing the relevant biographical information and show any video’s that have been associated with the speaker.

If the video does not show the ‘Speaker’ it is important to note that if a lecture relates to work done by more than one person, the lecture will be attributed to both, even if only one of the parties is speaking.

Can I browse for conferences in areas that interest me?

Yes you can.

Select ‘Lectures>Conferences’ to open the browse page already focussed on conferences.

Click “Conferences’ and a list of general conference areas of interest will appear.

Select the area of interest that you want to view, a new screen appears and you can select the area of interest that you have chosen. A selection of the associations and conference organisers for this area appears.

Select the conference organiser you are interested in it will open a page showing the conferences and the published video’s in the library.

Can I focus on the recently published conferences?

Yes you can.

Select ‘Lectures>Conferences>”Conference Name”‘ to open the browse page already focussed on conferences.

The page showing the published video’s from that conference will appear.

Can I focus on the Psyche Visual or Sexual Health Library?

Yes you can.

Select ‘Lectures>Lectures in Sexual Health or Lectures in Psychotherapy’ to open the browse page already focussed on these areas.

Click ‘Lectures in Sexual Health or Lectures in Psychotherapy’ and a list of subcategories will appear.

Select the area of interest that you want to view, a new screen appears and you can select the area of interest that you have chosen.

A new page will open showing the conferences and the published video’s in the library.

A video seems to be missing, why would that be?

There are two main reasons for an expected lecture from a conference not to have been published.

First, there may have been technical difficulties related to some aspect of the recording or editing of the material.

Second, the speaker may not want the lecture to be published.

How do I make a video play?

When you see the video icon, which will be snapshot of the video, with the title over it, there are two ways of playing the video.

First you can simply click on the image, and the video will start to play.

Second, you can click the down arrow and a summary of the video contents will be available for you to read, If you would like to play the video after reading, you can simply press the play button.

You will need to have a relevant membership or pay per view to watch of the video.

What is the ‘Slide Show’ link?

If you see a ‘Slide Show’ link in the description or to the right of the video screen when it is playing, it means that the lecturers projected slides are available for you to watch while the speaker is talking.

Click the link and the slide show will float above the screen and you can navigate through the slides as the speech progresses.

Not all video’s have slide shows attached to them.

What sort of device do I need to watch the videos?

You can use any device that can use a web browser.

This includes a Smart TV, PC, Mac, Tablet and even a smart phone (though the screen size can make it more challenging).

It can also be cast to your television from your smart device by casting the webpage.

Live Events

Do you run live events?

We do record live events for some organisations. They are primarily intended to allow people from a wide range of geographical areas to attend the meeting.

Depending on the requirements of the meeting organisers, the live events often include a chat function that allows remote viewers to be able to interact with the meeting by using a proxy at the meeting to read questions to the speaker.

Can anyone watch a live event?

Unfortunately not.

Some events are intended just for members of the association that is running the event, members of the association will be able to access the live view but others will not.

If it is a public event then you may be able to watch it for free as part of your membership or for a small additional charge that benefits the conference organiser.

To see who is able to watch the event, select the event in the menu and the information will be available there.

How do I access a live event?

Select Live Events from the menu and you will then see a selection of the upcoming live events and when they will be running.

You can then select the event that you want to join and provided you are allowed access, the live meeting screen will appear.

Registration and Membership

What is the difference between registration and membership?

To browse the library, you do not have to be registered or a member. You have access to see all the video’s that are in the library and read the related summary.

Registration simply involves completing our registration form. It is does not cost anything and allows you to use the My List function and to view video’s on a Pay per View basis. We sometimes send a newsletter alerting registrants and members to new publications, conferences and live stream announcements.

Becoming a member allows you to access all of the published material on our site. It can be paid for by PayPal or credit card for a 12 month membership (paid as a recurring monthly payment) or for a 3 month membership.

What is Pay per View?

Pay per View is a casual membership that allows you to watch a specific video for a 24 hour period for a small cost without committing to a membership.

You need to be registered to access this service which also allows you to use the My List functionality and create a play list of video’s you might intend to watch in the future.

I am a member of an association or university library but there is no membership with Owl Talks. What can I do?

In the first instance you could take advantage of one our memberships or the Pay per View facility. Membership is inexpensive and will allow you to gain immediate access.

You could also let your association or library know that you believe it would add value to their service to offer Owl Talks membership to their own members. If you let us know, we will also make contact with your association or library and let them know about our service.

What is My List?

My List allows you to create a shortlist of videos that you might want to watch but don’t have time to just at the moment. It allows you to avoid having to search for it again.

You can use My List as a registered user, paid member, Pay per View member, association member and university member.

To add a video to My List, go to the video description by clicking the down arrow on the video frame, the clicking ‘+My List’.

You can then access your list by going to ‘Account>My List’ and select the video that you want to watch from there at any time.


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