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Welcome to Owl Talks for Universities

Thanks for visiting the Owl Talks University site. Owl Talks has been recording academic and clinical meetings for many years. We then make the recordings available for our members to watch at their leisure via their PC or mobile device.

The Library

We have over 3,200 titles which fall into two broad collections of material: lectures related to psychological health and medicine; and lectures related to psychosexual health and medicine. You are welcome to browse and watch all of our material.

The easiest way to find material is to select the ‘Lectures’ item on the menu and select the general area of video’s you are interested in, then increasingly focus down on sub interests until you locate the video you want to watch.

Alternately. the search function, which is called by selecting the magnifying glass, allows you to search on keywords that you enter.

Live Webinars

During the year we often run live webinars and you are welcome to attend these at your leisure.

The regular webinars relate to:

The Westmead Psychotherapy Group’s weekly “Think Tank Sessions” which form part of the course work for Master of Medicine at Sydney University.

Clinical Sessions presented by STARTTS (the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors).

In addition, if we are recording a live conference that the organisers would like to be available for public live vieiwing, we present these as well but they are not regular items.


You do not need to register to use any of the material on the site. However, there are several advantages of doing so:

You will be able to save your own lists of favourites or videos that you want to watch in the future to save time trying to identify the same video again in the future. This allows you to save video’s for watching today, but watch them later when you might have more time.

We will notify you by email when a live webinar is approaching.

We will notify you have any new lectures that are uploaded to the site for review.