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Narcissism: Therapist Views of the Therapeutic Journey

Narcissism: Therapist Views of the Therapeutic Journey

Louise Fisher presents “Narcissism: Therapist Views of the Therapeutic Journey”. Louise will present findings from her master’s thesis on narcissism. For this study Louise interviewed nine therapists with an average of 30 years experience in working with clients high in narcissism. The findings offer practice-based evidence concerning effective ways of working with narcissistic clients to bring about a willingness to accept limitation and develop intimacy skills. She will discuss how aspects of Buddhism are also aimed at developing these qualities.

Speakers: Louise Fisher
Conference: AABCAP 2018

Religion and Spirituality

Literature Review: The Effectiveness of Spiritual and Religious Interventions in Therapy

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Society, Catholicism and the human person as complex systems and sub-systems

Complexity theory is recognised as the New Science that conceptualises the universe as a system of communicating systems. As such, everything in the universe is better understood by exploring the dynamic, nonlinear relationships between the parts that make up the whole. Psychoanalytic Complexity Theory provides a new, but familiar contribution to contemporary psychoanalytic theory and practice.