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From Narcissistic Self Investment to Development of Self-lessness

From Narcissistic Self Investment to Development of Self-lessness

Eng-Kong Tan presents “From Narcissistic Self Investment to Development of Self-lessness”. Eng-Kong describes what makes sense for him as a clinician from analytic theories in the development of a narcissistic personality disorder. He will then attempt to delineate what works and what obstructs progress in therapy for narcissistic disorders from his clinical work. He refers to the Buddhist teachings and practices he has found useful for the therapeutic dyad working in this challenging area.

Speakers: Dr Eng-Kong Tan
Conference: AABCAP 2018

Religion and Spirituality

Literature Review: The Effectiveness of Spiritual and Religious Interventions in Therapy

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Society, Catholicism and the human person as complex systems and sub-systems

Complexity theory is recognised as the New Science that conceptualises the universe as a system of communicating systems. As such, everything in the universe is better understood by exploring the dynamic, nonlinear relationships between the parts that make up the whole. Psychoanalytic Complexity Theory provides a new, but familiar contribution to contemporary psychoanalytic theory and practice.