The social and cultural aspects of The Aboriginal Dreaming.

The social and cultural aspects of The Aboriginal Dreaming.

2011-06-01 00:00:00 21m

Every aboriginal group has its own dreaming. Glenn Williams shares with us the particular dreaming story of “The Southern Cross”. It tells how death came first into the world. The first coming of death remembered by the tribes to whom the Southern cross is a reminder.

Most Australian aboriginees engage daily into the relationship of mythos and logos as a major and practical part of their daily life. Myth is regarded as primarily concerned with what was thought to be timeless and constant in our existence. Myth looks into the foundation of life to the deepest level of the human mind.

Glenn presents a concise introduction into the diversity of the ‘aboriginal nations’ within Australia. The dreaming allows aboriginals to interact and relate to each others and with their land. Animals , sacred objects or places have all their dreaming stories. Social organisation has also its dreaming stories with all its complexities. A fascinating overview on how dreaminga have inherent to them practical applications in the day to day living. From there emerges the importence of the place of the dreaming in uderstanding the psyche of patients and clients from aboriginal background in psychotherapy.

Speakers: Glenn Williams
Conference: Demo
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