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Obesity, Smoking and ED in Sexual Health Medicine

Obesity, Smoking and ED in Sexual Health Medicine

Obesity and Cigarette Smoking are risk factors related to accelerate degenerative diseases in man which enhance precocious aging process. This condition states the heightened Oxidative Stress which is indicative for the changes made at the genetic materials level. Obesity and smoking increase the rate of telomere erosion per replication and occurring of inflammation which enhance leukocytes turn-over and shortened telomere arm length of leukocyte cells. Oxidative Stress induced extensive vascular endothelial cells dysfunction causing Vascular Diseases and other Degenerative Morbidities.

The male sex organ is the most frequent target organ for occurring Erectile Dysfunction (ED); ED pioneers other serious diseases queuing in the male holistic body system… ED indicates as “Gate-way” to other more serious Degenerative Diseases, such as; Critical limb ischemia, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Stroke, Cardio-Vascular-Diseases, Diabetes type-2, Kidney Failures, Hypogonadism and more…..

Hypogonadism accelerates the process of Precocious Aging; expressing Syndromes of Metabolic (METS) and Testosterone Deficiency (TDS). Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPCs) Bone-marrow-derived EPCs has been well known for having the possibilities to regenerate sloughing off vascular- endothelium cells. EPCs have demonstrated the beneficial effects on ischemic induced vascular damage and recover ischemic tissues and organs. DHEA and Phospho-di-esterase-type-5i (PDE-5i)

Our current preliminary trials show: 1. DHEA enhance bone-marrow EPCs production in smokers and obese male hypogonadism with ED. 2. Combined daily consumption of DHEA and low dose PDE- 5i opens a new window to promote production of low levels EPCs in obese male hypogonadism and smokers with ED. Further trials with larger subjects and prolong periods of trial is recommended.

Speakers: Arif Adimoelja

Asia Oceania Federation of Sexology 2014

Ejaculation disorders - Diagnosis & Treatment.

The commonest male ejaculation disorder is Premature Ejaculation (PE). Inhibited or Delayed Ejaculation can be a more challenging condition to assess and treat. This discussion will focus on the diagnosis, investigations and management of ejaculation problems including an overview of the first medication specifically approved for the treatment of PE, dapoxetine, released under the trade name of Priligy™. 

Awareness and intent of Pap testing among sexually active university students in Korea

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Women's Sexuality Post Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) is a traumatic event that results in a sudden life change that is difficult to conceptualise. No one can truly be prepared for such a huge shock. It impacts a person not just physically and neurologically, but also socially, emotionally and psychologically. Recovering from SCI has been likened to a “rebirth”. A person needs to reconstruct even the most basic activities of daily living. Sexuality, being an integral part of every person’s life, is also part of this reconstruction process. 

Sexual Orientation Identity Development: Implications for the Psychological Adjustment of Gay and Bisexual Young Males in Japan

According to previous studies, lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) people report lower levels of mental health relative to heterosexuals. Young LGB people especially suffer from poorer psychological adjustment. However, it remains unclear whether different developmental identity patterns have implications for the psychological adjustment of LGB youths. There is a possibility that the development of sexual orientation identity is related to the better mental health among young LGB people. This study examines whether different patterns of LGB identity formation and integration are associated with psychological adjustment. 

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