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Protodioscin a Herbal Extract Enhance Recovery of Erectile Dysfunction

Protodioscin a Herbal Extract Enhance Recovery of Erectile Dysfunction

Methods: Studies of 45 hypogonadic men with sexual dysfunctions were recruited. 30 subjects were non-diabetics and 15 were diabetics male patients with ED and reduced libido. They all were treated with the same regime of 250 mg Tribulus terrestris L. extracts 3x daily for a period of 3 months.

Results: Improvements of libidos were noted in 11 (37%) non diabetics and 2 (13%) diabetic ED patients. A total of 13 (29%) patients have regained their libidos within a 10 day treatment period only. Increased libidos and erections were noted after 3 months of treatment in 20 (67 %) from the non-diabetics and 8 (53 %) from the 15 diabetic patients. Regaining sexual desires, frequency of intercourses with good erections were noted in 28 (62 %) from all 45 ED patients. At the end of trials their total T levels were arisen significantly (p < 0.005) to normal physiological values.

Conclusions and comments: Bio-identical DHEA (Protodioscin) may exert conversion of bio-available Albumin-bound-T to Free-T and total-T and reduce the ability of SHBG action in men with hypogonadism. Further trials with greater number of subjects is recommended.

Speakers: Arif Adimoelja
Conference: AOFS Busan 2018
Areas of Interest / Categories: Androgen Therapy, AOFS 2017