Something in my brain has gone terribly wrong — help me

Something in my brain has gone terribly wrong — help me

2014-11-01 00:00:00

Considerable evidence exists to suggest that a variety if not all cortical systems can undergo some type of plastic reorganisation. Modulation of afferent input (sensory deprivation or sensory increase) to the cortical areas represents at least one factor that determines the type of reorganisation observed. This innate plastic response is probably determined to a certain extent by the central integrative state of the neurons and glial components of the functional projection networks involved.

The central integrative state (CIS) of a neuron is the total integrated input received by the neuron at any given moment and the probability that the neuron will produce an action potential based on the state of polarisation and the firing requirements of the neuron to produce an action potential at one or more of its axons.

In some instances neuro-plastic responses and the resultant changes in activity lead to asymmetric functional levels in cortical projection networks. At some point of asymmetrical dysfunction a critical level of imbalance of activity or arousal levels between one cortical hemisphere and the other can result in a functional disconnect syndrome. This presentation uses case studies to explore the processes of development and correction of neuro-plastic induced cortical asymmetry via peripheral and direct current stimulation.

Speakers: Dr. Randy Beck
Areas of Interest / Categories: ANSA, ANSA 2014
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