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Anti-Gender Movements in Chile

Anti-Gender Movements in Chile

In Spanish

This study is the first one to examine anti-gender
movement in Chile. Some of the most relevant findings
show that the gender ideology movement in Chile
started soundly in the country, above all with the discussion
of the law on gender identity. This law began
to be discussed in 2017, with the arrival of CitizenGo’s
bus. This movement strongly participated during the
debate of the law at Congress, turning gender into a
relevant issue at the Chilean Congress for the first time
in history. Although this category appeared in the
debate on the anti-discrimination law in 2012, debates
had never reached the intensity and hate of the debate
on the gender identity law.
The research relies on the collection of data from
online sources (Google), academic sources (academic
Google and scientific databases Scielo and Web of
Science), and pieces of news (mainly from local newspapers
such as La Tercera, El Mercurio, El Mostrador,
and El Desconcierto). It also includes data gathered
through talks and brief interviews with key informants
such a) faculty members (2), LGBT and feminist activists
(3) college activists (2), and Catholic theologians
Keywords: anti-gender campaigns, Chile
Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: None