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Anti-Gender Campaigns in Latin America

Anti-Gender Campaigns in Latin America

In Spanish

This presentation will present the preliminary results
of a comparative research project on anti-gender campaigns
in nine Latin American countries, including the
two country case studies to be presented in the symposium
(Chile and Mexico). While these two studies look
more closely into dynamics within national boundaries,
the regional overview will illuminate common threads
as well as heterogeneities across countries in terms of
trajectories, strategies and repertoires of anti- gender
campaigns, key institutional and social actors (national
and transnational) involved and, most principally,
effects, with regards to specific domains – such as gender
and sexuality education, LGBTTI rights, gender
identity and gender based violence laws – but also
much larger political impacts of de-democratization.
Keywords: anti-gender campaigns, Latin America
Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: None

Speakers: Gloria Careaga