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Using biofeedback techniques to enhance therapeutic response

Using biofeedback techniques to enhance therapeutic response

Alexandra, a 54 year old female, presented for treatment with a complexity of symptoms which included developmental trauma, poor self-regulation, social isolation, depression, anxiety and a borderline personality structure. She agreed to participate in a six-month study, which included two interventions, Psychotherapy and Biofeedback. The presentation will focus on this single case study which aimed to examine whether Biofeedback techniques (in this instance Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback) could enhance Psychotherapy outcomes.

Biofeedback as an intervention is explained along with how the study was designed to integrate Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback into a Psychotherapy (the Conversational Model) process. The overall results of the study, and the extent of Alexandra’s therapeutic response are discussed.

This study was undertaken for a Masters of Science in Medicine (Psychotherapy) treatise.

Speakers: Elana Cohen