Working on the Edge in a Dangerous Method

Working on the Edge in a Dangerous Method


Aims: promote awareness and debate on ethics within ANZAP

Objectives: inform delegates of the current direction of the ethics committee and encourage reflection on the principles that form the core of this approach

In a world of changing norms and heterogeneous values and beliefs we constantly have to adjust and evolve. Even though in many ways people’s needs for warmth, affection and social connection may be relatively constant, the ways in which these needs are realized have been subject to enormous change in recent decades. Paternalism and  trust in immutable truths and laws have eroded. Psychodynamic treatments have contributed to this change in bringing inner experience into a more public domain.   Many groups, including ANZAP, are involved in efforts to ensure safe, ethical practice. Psychodynamic practice has changed away from the therapist as blank screen and authority on the unconscious, towards mutuality and engagement in a relationship that goes that allows for both security and play. In this paper consideration will begiven to the question of what values can be considered guideposts for traversing the field of our work with a sense of ethical integrity. Recent deliberations within ANZAP and its ethics committee will be highlighted and draft documents put forward for consideration and debate.

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