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Open Relationships & Polyamory 101

Open Relationships & Polyamory 101

I have encountered quite a few clients who have disclosed sexual and relationship preferences that are deviated from the norm and experienced judgement or prejudice from their therapist, family, friends and colleagues. This presentation is designed to give an overview into different types of relationships there are and why people may be interested in them.  

It is designed to eliminate prejudice and give insight into the benefits and the difficulties of choosing these relationship styles. From time to time, in a counselling setting, clients may disclose that they are an open relationship or have multiple partners. Open relationships and polyamory are different propositions and it is important that we understand the difference in dynamics between the two types of relationships. Definitions of open relationships and polyamory are offered. Issues encountered in both styles of relationships are explored highlighting the positives and issues which may arise. The focus of the paper is enabling practitioners to support clients in, or wanting to explore, open and polyamorous relationships. Practicalities therapists can adopt will be offered.

Speakers: Tanya Koens
Areas of Interest / Categories: Asia Oceania Federation of Sexology 2015