Surgical Treatment for Penile Curvature

Surgical Treatment for Penile Curvature

2018-10-01 00:00:00

1. Congenital penile curvature We had 308 cases. The average age was 28.0years (7-56 years). Chief complain were curvature, disturbance of intercourse, erectile dysfunction and penile pain. Treatment methods for congenital penile curvature were plication(240 cases), no treatment(61 cases),and symptomatic therapy(7 cases). We have done our shaving method to prevent relapse.Then, inverted plication suture was performed using non – absorbable 2-0 Ticron.
2. Peyronie’s disease We had 555cases. The average age was 51.4years. Chief complains were curvature, palpable fibrosis, pain, ED etc. 283 cases (34%) was improved by medication. We had two operation methods, plication and grafting after conservative treatment for 1 year. We have two methods of saphenous vein graft, vein graft after plaque excision or vein graft after Hourglass-shaped incision. We performed dermal graft for large defect and lateral defect.

1. Congenital penile curvature We had 240 plication cases. Satisfaction rate was 95.7% (230cases), slight curvature remain was 3.7% (9cases) and complain short penis was 0.6% (1case). Temporary sensory disturbance improved within six months.
2. Peyronie’s disease 113 cases were performed saphenous vein graft. 11 cases were performed dermal graft. 64 cases were performed plication. Satisfaction rate of Grafting was 93.2%. Slight curvature remain was 6.8%. Complain short penis was 2.1%. Complication rate with ED was 1 %.

1) Plication method for congenital curvature is very safe and the high degree of satisfaction.
2) Vein graft is better than plication method for PD with penis shortening.
3) Vein is the best as material for grafting, because the grafted vein is thin and soft.
4) The hourglass-shaped incision method is most suitable for cases of a wide plaque.
5) We need dermal graft for large defect due to calcification of tunica and lateral defect.

Speakers: Dr Koichi Nagao
Conference: AOFS Busan 2017
Areas of Interest / Categories: Asia Oceania Federation of Sexology 2017
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