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Subjective Sexual Experiences at Most Recent Sexual Event among American Adolescents

Subjective Sexual Experiences at Most Recent Sexual Event among American Adolescents

This paper summarizes the subjective sexual experiences associated with the most recent partnered sexual event: sexual arousal, pleasure, orgasm, erectile (males) or lubrication (females) difficulties, and sexual intercourse pain. Data were obtained from a population-based cross-sectional survey of 5,865 adolescents and adults in the U.S. A total of 2,172 parents (or legal guardians) reviewed a description of the study, including the study instrument, and 62% (n = 1,347) subsequently consented to allow their child to be invited via e-mail to participate. Of 1,347 adolescents contacted via e-mail, 831 responded, with 99.0% (n = 820) consenting to participate. Of these, 242 (29.5%; 114 males and 128 females) reported at least one partnered sexual behavior in the past year and are the focus of subsequent analyses.

Sexual behaviors were assessed by items describing a range of partnered sexual behaviors. Six sexual behaviors were specifically addressed: frottage; given oral sex; received oral sex; penile-vaginal intercourse; receptive anal intercourse; insertive anal intercourse. Subjective sexual experience of the most recent sexual event assessed Sexual arousal, Sexual pleasure, Orgasm, and Partner Orgasm. Participants who reported penile-vaginal intercourse were asked about erectile or lubrication difficulties, and pain.
Major findings were relatively high levels of arousal, pleasure and orgasm across a variety of behaviors, lack of interference with sexual pleasure or orgasm by condoms, and small but important levels of erectile/lubrication difficulties and pain with penile-vaginal intercourse. The data provide a basis for understanding sexual aspects of adolescents’ sexual encounters from a sexual health perspective.

Conference: WAS Glasgow 2011

WAS 2011

Trauma Relief: An Integrated Approach for Working with Sexually Abused Clients

Sexually traumatized patients often have problems with flashbacks, nightmares and avoidance. This workshop teaches an integrated method for trauma relief, combining knowledge from NLP, psycho dynamic therapy, cognitive therapy and modern trauma research. The method is based on the human memory storing system, which functions in the same way in all human beings. This means that the method easily can be used cross-culturally and for all gender combinations.

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Sexuality and Hinduism

Self-realisation as the predominant preoccupation of Hindu life will be considered first. The four spiritual and normative goals of 'dharma' (righteousness), 'artha' (material prosperity), 'kama' (sensual pleasure) and 'moksha' (liberation) will be discussed. The diversity of schools of thought in relation to sexuality in Hinduism will be highlighted through discussion of 'Charvaka' (hedonistic), 'Tantra' (ritual worship) and 'Advaita' (non-duality) philosophies.

A Longitudinal Analysis of Predictors of Male and Female Adolescents' Transitions to Intimate Sexual Behavior

Pre-intercourse sexual activities can be pivotal in helping shape adolescents' sexual development yet are rarely incorporated into studies of sexual development. Understanding transitions in general may inform effective education and intervention efforts to help ensure healthy sexual outcomes for youth. This study assessed which variables best predict sexual transitions among male and female adolescents.

Anal sex: the pleasure and the pain

Anal intercourse is most commonly associated with male homosexual behaviour. However, 15-20% of heterosexual men and women experience receptive anal intercourse at once in their lifetime, with 8% reporting such behaviour in the past year. Little is known of the frequency of anal sexual dysfunction, the occurrence of anal symptoms and how these can be best managed.

Development and implementation of guidelines for STI and STD prevention in Germany

The prevention of STI/STD is an important part in promoting sexual health. Germany is well known for its advanced HIV prevention which is being led by many different entities, e.g. federal and state institutions, NGOs and many more. However, there has been no consent about the underlying principles of STI prevention that should be accepted to by everyone in the field.

Sexuality and Islam

Sexuality is inextricably intertwined with religious rules in Islam. Sexual interests and motivations are presented in Muslim teachings as a natural and necessary part of human existence and acquiring knowledge in sexual matters has been valued. Apart from some Muslims who have adopted a more liberal interpretation of Islam, the dominant Islamic discourse of sexuality focuses on sexual duality. It emphasises the difference, complementarity and unity of the sexes and refers to sexual activity as both recreative and procreative.