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Art therapy with a Gestalt perspective.

Art therapy with a Gestalt perspective.

This presentation examines and develops ways and means to enhance the coping and support the resilience of people’s personal abilities using art therapy as a means to enhance those abilities. Art therapy is a primary form of psychological treatment used by helping professions today and is no longer considered an adjunct to traditional methods such as talk therapy. It carefully weaves together psychotherapy with the creative art process, and can be a highly effective way to enable healing through the exploration of verbal and non-verbal expression. Through the creation of art, we learn the resources available to work with clients to enable a wide range of emotional and psychological needs – such as people working to cope with mental and physical illnesses, disability, people who have experienced life traumas and for those who are seeking personal development and awareness.

Speakers: Yaro Starak
Conference: Demo
Areas of Interest / Categories: Art Therapy, Mental Health, Psychotherapy