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Supporting Adolescent Refugees through Music and Art Therapy

Supporting Adolescent Refugees through Music and Art Therapy

This session presents the HEAL Program (Home of Expressive Arts Learning). This is a school-based mental health service which offers Music and Art Therapy to adolescent refugee students. HEAL aims to provide therapeutic services, research and psychoeducation which increase the possibility of culturally diverse adolescents experiencing the good mental health necessary to participate fully in the learning experience, and to enjoy life without barriers. HEAL was established in 2004 at Milpera State High School, in Brisbane, Queensland . An Outreach Service is offered to other schools.

HEAL clients have often experienced traumatic circumstances in their refugee journey. The adolescent refugee’s need for psychological support often increases along with the complexity of their circumstances. HEAL answers this need for support. Outcomes for students involved in HEAL include: Improved engagement with school; increased ability to concentrate; improved social interaction; use of creativity for selfexpression; relief of trauma symptoms; enhanced subjective well-being.

Speakers: Jane Griffin
Conference: Demo
Areas of Interest / Categories: Art Therapy