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Rewiring the brain after Trauma: A Brain-Based Therapy approach. Part 3 of 8

Rewiring the brain after Trauma: A Brain-Based Therapy approach. Part 3 of 8

This eight parts seminar examines the use of Brain-Based Therapy to enhance outcomes with people who have been traumatised. It explores a new way of looking at the therapeutic process enabling you to move beyond the traditional theoretical school approach. Brain-Based Therapy synthesizes neuroscience, evidence-based treatment, psychotherapy research, and attachment theory into a hybrid therapeutic model. Brain-Based Therapy envisions the therapeutic process as a method to change the brain in order to change mood and behaviour. The role that brain function plays in mood, memory and behaviour are discussed, including the effect of diet and alcohol on the brain and mental health over the life span. Special attention is given to addressing the neurodynamics of PTSD and the crucial role of memory and how to use Brain-Based Therapy to more effectively educate and treat clients with PTSD.Part 3 of 8
The role of diet with respect to how healthy brains can be enhanced on the one hand and destabilised on the other:
Amino acids—precursors to neurotransmitters, essential fatty acids, simple carbs—how glycation impairs the brain, role of alcohol and other drugs in creating symptoms of dysfunction, alcohol— understanding residual cognitive and mood effects, marijuana—factoring out memory and mood problems.

Speakers: Dr John Arden