Is Sexuality Education a distant Reality in India? – A Qualitative Survey

Is Sexuality Education a distant Reality in India? – A Qualitative Survey

2016-12-01 00:00:00

Sexuality education has been valued since the 1960s in medical schools worldwide. Although recent studies reaffirm the importance of incorporating sexuality education into medical education, there are insufficient data concerning how this can happen in India. Sexuality education has been a subject of controversy from the beginning of its introduction in the schools in India. 

Educational systems in India provide a myriad of types of sexual education to their student populations. The objective of the present study was to assess the existence of previous sexuality education, its knowledge and attitude among students attending medical college. Participants were recruited at medical college under MUHS University. Students were first asked to complete a pre-structured questionnaire and then participated in a FGD. Of students who completed both the questionnaire and the focus group discussion, majority never attended sexuality education classes for various reasons.

Further, the results were equally poor with regard of the sexuality education attitude format. The results of this study suggest that none of the current curriculum in schools provide adequate and comprehensive information to ensure proper knowledge even as they graduate to become medical college students. Thus, alternatives need to be considered to protect the curiosity, health and well-being of this important segment of the active adolescent population.

Areas of Interest / Categories: Child and Adolescent Health, Sexology 2016, Sexual Health
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