Youth Mentoring: Maximizing Engagement, Improving Resilience and Social Inclusion.

Youth Mentoring: Maximizing Engagement, Improving Resilience and Social Inclusion.


In a rapidly changing world characterised by increasing competition for tertiary education, decreasing job security, globalisation, technology and cultural diversity, it is essential for young people to be skilled, digitally connected, resilient and adaptable. Young people from culturally and linguistically diverse background are often at a greater risk of social disadvantage at the very start of their settlement and working lives in Australia due to lack of positive and sustained relationships with caring role models, lack of English language skills and possibly physical or mental health issues.

This presentation provides an overview of a pilot program implemented by TAFE Queensland that sought to maximise the engagement and participation of young migrants in education, improve resilience and increase social inclusion.
The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) Youth Mentoring Pilot, funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training aimed to connect AMEP young people with mentors who can provide support, guidance and opportunities directly to their mentees. The program was specifically designed to promote an understanding of the Australian education system and its standards, labour market opportunities and Australian workplace culture.

This presentation will provide the audience with information on key strategic approaches to successful implementation and
achievement of the mentoring program’s main objectives, including:

  • maximising engagement and retention of young people in the AMEP;
  • improving resilience, health and wellbeing in young AMEP clients;
  • increasing social inclusion opportunities, promoting independence and subsequently enhancing integration in Australian society; and
  • supporting the client group into sustained engagement in further education, training and employment pathways beyond the AMEP.
  • TAFE Queensland English Language and Literacy Services, South Brisbane, Australia
Speakers: Michael Kavian
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