Learning and leading in community based programs

Learning and leading in community based programs

2010-04-01 00:00:00 14m

As someone who was involved in conflict in Bosnia and Hezegovina, I have tried in the past 20 years to change the world. As a mother and a human being I was so sad to be in the middle of the conflict during the 1992-1995 period and see dying children. After the war, the politics, society, schools and family manipulated our children and helped develop certain nationalism, ethnic prejudice and hate in them. We needed something new and neutral to help such children.

lnternationals came and taught us about the work of non – governmental organizations and how to use them in the best ways possible. We have had a lot of success in this field. Global Children’s Organization (GCO) gave us a new way to help each other .Our summer camps gave us the opportunity to look into our souls- With our special program community building (a way of using Fun and Games to help build shared experiences, understanding, respect and tolerance), we enriched children’s little worlds and opened their hearts. We taught them to believe in themselves and in each other, to make friendships, to share good and bad emotions, to help each other to live in a multiethnic family and community in order to create a new world.

Our challenges were bigger when we had children and adults participating from all the post war regions (Bosnia and Herzegovina, serbia and croatia). I had special benelits because GCO taught me to reach my inner child and to enjoy my work with children. I have been able to learn about and then lead others in building up programs that help the next generation live together successfully and productively in a multi-ethnic society.

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