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Gender and Classifications: Differences Between the ICD 10 and ICD 11

Gender and Classifications: Differences Between the ICD 10 and ICD 11

In the wake of ICD11, sexologists must look into the
different items of sexual health care offered by the
nations we inhabit.
One offer is that which is given to those of us who
experience gender incongruence (GI).
Nations do this health care differently, and the offers
have been more or less in line with the recommendations
of the Standards of Care (SOC) from the World
Professional Association for Transgender Health
The guidelines for all healthcare given to GI people
fall into two main models: That of gate-keeping and
that of gender affirming. The former will be a decision
by the professional, the latter would practice models of
informed consent. Some guidelines involve psychiatric
evaluation of all clients, some are based on referring to
psychiatry if there are any psychiatric challenges.
ICD 11 represents a professional view of gender
incongruence that is paradigmatically different for that
of ICD 10, hence the health care guidelines are ripe for
changes also.
A short list of differences between ICD10 and 11
can look as follows:
Mental disorder is replaced by condition related to
sexual health, gender binary model is replaced by a
multiple gender model, the other sex and anatomical
sex is replaced by experienced gender and gender
assigned at birth, disgust/insufficiency concerning anatomical
sex is replaced by dysphoria with primary or
secondary sex characteristic and make the body as much
as possible congruent with preferred gender is replaced
by a wish to remove some or all bodily sex characteristics
and/or a wish to have sex characteristics equivalent
with one’s gender identity.
All in all ICD11 renders the GI group a clean bill of
health and moves from a discourse of objectivity to
one of subjectivity.
This calls for models of health care offers based on
informed consent.
Keywords: Transgender Health, Gender incongruence,
Multiple gender model
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