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The Declassification of Kink. Implications for Our Sexual Life and Relationships

The Declassification of Kink. Implications for Our Sexual Life and Relationships

Introduction: The evolving changes to medical classification
systems has removed many of the sexual behaviours
between consenting adults that have hitherto
been classified as mental disorders.
Population group: The paraphilias can be either
erotic, sexual or both and includes leather fetishism,
sexual sadism and masochism, bondage, discipline and
submission & group and polyamorous activities. These
can be considered as diverse sexual behaviours yet
without the stigma associated with those conditions
now categorised as paraphilic disorders. The latter may
require clinical interventions, but is kink now free
from harassment or discrimination when disclosed to
clinicians and other observers? Some may interpret
consensual kink interactions as non-consensual partner
violence regardless of reason for disclosure, sexual
orientation or age. Alongside increasing tolerance and
acceptance there have evolved new and more exploratory
practice and lifestyle kink which is explored
Discussion: How may these various changes have
any beneficial impact on intimacy and pleasure for
individuals and couples? What could be the impact for
sexologists and society? The politics and ethics may
remain misunderstood by many but what is the legitimacy
for involvement of physicians and health care
practitioners in this era of mainstreaming kink?
Keywords: Kink, Paraphilias, Classification systems
Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: None