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How Clitoral Disorders are Researched Historically

How Clitoral Disorders are Researched Historically

Introduction: Clitoris is looking tiny, hidden organ in
women’s external genitalia. But it is very important
for women’s body, sexuality, and also it has important
role for sexual play with their partners. Nowadays,
anatomical and physiological researches reveal much
more about clitoris, but there was still unknown
Objectives: Papers entitled include ‘Clitoris’ on database
PUBMED were total 2236 papers from the first
paper in 1801 to 67 papers in 2018. Mostly published
year about clitoris was 88 articles in 2008. Contents
tendency are different with era.
Methods: We use PUBMED to investigate all of the
papers about ‘clitoris’ and searched 14 additional
categories include clitoris. In the all subcategories and
main category papers were total 8059. We excluded
animal experiment, duplicated counted papers and no
relation with clitoris. We collected papers purely
related about clitoris and categorized again what issue
was mostly handled and how their trend was shifted
with era.
Results: First paper was published in 1801 about
extraordinary enlargement of the clitoris, and old
papers were mainly about tumors or enlargement.
Gradually papers about Differentiations Sexual
Developments especially about Congenital Adrenal
Hyperplasia and pediatric surgery issue were increased.
SOGIE issues were delayed increased published in
1990s. In 1990’s, the progress of instruments such as
ultrasound sonography, vaginal plethysmograph, computed
tomography, magnetic resonance imaging was
extremely changed researches and outcomes.
Discussion: This is a basic work that how clitoris
was researched. It is possible that we are still overlooked
disorders or uncomfortable condition of clitoral
health for women.
Conclusion: Clitoral conditions are should be paid
more attention by researcher and let ordinary people
to care of their clitoris.

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    Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: None