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The state of the art of CBT for men’s sexual dysfunction

The state of the art of CBT for men’s sexual dysfunction

Despite the emergence of some therapeutic proposals, sex therapy continues largely missing the potential positive effects of the cognitive theory principles. In addition, there is a lack of research on treatment outcome for sexual dysfunction. Empirically supported psychological treatments for sexual dysfunction are scarce and mostly based on Master’s and Johnson sensate focus techniques, systematic desensitization or specific behavioural procedures (masturbation training, squeeze, etc.). Surprisingly, no randomized control trial studies have been published so far testing the efficacy of cognitive behaviour interventions for Erectile Dysfunction.

CBT has been successfully used for a variety of psychological problems and are by far the most listed empirical supported psychological treatment. Most significantly, CBT has proved to yield more durable benefits than different pharmacological interventions for depression (DeRubeis & Crits-Christoph, 1998; Hollon et al., 2005), panic disorder (Craske et al., 1991), and bulimia nervosa (Shapiro et al., 2007). The author will present a RCT project testing the efficacy of a Cognitive-behavioural intervention for Erectile Dysfunction in comparison to oral medication (PDE5 Inhibitors) and a waiting list control group.

Areas of Interest / Categories: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Sex Therapy, Treatment

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A summary of one of the key messages in Ms Hellyer’s full-day pre-conference Workshop, Coaching & Tantra: Integral Aspects of an Effective Contemporary Approach to Sex Therapy, this paper looks at how long-term sexual suppression in the West has led to a limited view of ‘normal’ sex in contemporary society, a model based more on adolescent male sexuality than a mature, positive sexuality applicable to both genders and all ages.