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Community Connections Inc: From Mediocrity to Valued Participation

Community Connections Inc: From Mediocrity to Valued Participation

Working with individuals in a personalized way requires a focus that moves from what funds can purchase to a framework of strengths that focuses on what each individual wants for their life including their dreams and goals. While focusing on broad dreams of living an independent life, the approach involves picking up readily achievable goals such as learning how to use an iron. By supporting individuals to achieve small, easily achievable goals, individual confidence is enhanced to strive further. Community Connections Inc, a Canberra based NGO introduced the Better Practice Project as the result of a review of the Mature Carers Project, instigating changes that enhanced agency role in the Canberra community. This paper presents outcomes of this review including a major cultural shift within the agency that resulted in staff being hired according to their value base rather than educational qualifications. As a management strategy, it is easier to broaden staff knowledge in respect of disability and its implications such as inclusion and valued participation, but is nearly impossible to develop values which are not aligned with those inherent to the work and the mission. The results of this project in the context of young people are significantly positive.

Speakers: Robyn Culver
Conference: Demo
Areas of Interest / Categories: Community Therapy