The Role of Community in Recovery.

The Role of Community in Recovery.


MDA Ltd, Nundah, Australia
Community perspective: – The Role of Community in Recovery
A significant portion of the refugee community has experienced traumatic events in the course of their migration to Australia. The long-lasting effects of trauma have inhibited assimilation for these victims of trauma as they are challenged with various day to day stressors that can trigger post-traumatic stress. This presentation will look at how African communities in Australia cope with trauma and the recommended processes involved in recovery.

We explore the cultural context of trauma in African communities and establish that certain African traditions play a major role in the misconception and misdiagnosis of trauma. Further, we also look into the positive aspects of community engagement in recovery, specifically the supporting roles that spiritual and community leaders provide for their own communities. One of the challenges identified that African communities faced in the road to recovery were the lack of information in regards to alternative forms of treatment and counselling options available for trauma. While some victims of torture can cope with trauma to some extent it is only
through a collaborative effort from the community and social services that survivors of trauma can receive professional counselling services.

The presentation will illustrate more on strategies used by the community in the provision of support for healing and recovery of those affected by traumatic stress. Practical examples will be provided on how these impacts were addressed.

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