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When Man Says No: The Role of Woman

When Man Says No: The Role of Woman

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Introduction: The role of the woman is important in
the rescue of man’s sexual desire especially when the
etiology is not biological.
Methods: Reviewed the latest research published in
scientific journals.
Findings & Discussion: Male sexual socialization is
based on the belief that they have an autonomous sexual
response; learning that desire, arousal and orgasm
are easy and instinctive; and they always have to be
ready for sex independent of woman experience and
participation. When a man does not motivate or desire
to have sex, woman warries about it and mostly
increases the sexual demand and pressure on your
partner, including threatening to end the relationship
by not feeling wanted or even love. Including intimacy
and erotism into a relationship is increasingly important
in the interaction of the couple. Feeling comfortable,
sharing nondemand pleasuring, maintaining
positive and realistic sexual expectations, instead of
emphasizes frequency and performance value intimacy.
The women who are partner of these men are disoriented
in front of a socially different approach.
Therefore, they must be included in therapy and
sustained in the learning and development of new
beliefs; because they expect that man always have the
sexual initiative. Re learning sexuality, emphasis on the
meaning and role of sexuality as intimate, interactive,
flexible and variable experience. Incorporating erotic
techniques, realistic sexual expectations and no performances
pressure. Facilitates sexual satisfaction and
prevent sexual avoidance. Reinforce the importance
that she has in the change of sexual attitude of her
partner, incorporating healthy attitudes, specific readings,
creativity and proposal of operational sexual
resources. That the woman gets involved in the solution
of the problem is fundamental to overcome the
disorder of desire.
Recommendations: Although many men wish to
have treatment alone, when a sexual partner exists the
sexologist should encourage women’s participation,
especially when the etiology is psychosociocultural.
Keywords: Woman, Couple, Hypoactive Sexual Desire
Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: None