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Generational differences in groupwork….creating social connection

Generational differences in groupwork….creating social connection

When you’re standing forlornly in front of a group wondering how to engage and communicate with the diverse ages of participants – it’s not easy to console yourself with the thought that every generation is likely to reflect differently to the process. Baby Boomers, Generations X and Y are simply the result of different social, cultural and educational environments.

The creation of a cohesive group depends on a group leader’s willingness to understand participants’ points of view and, in particular, to recognise that each member is a product not only of their unique genetic inheritance, but also of the social and cultural influences that shaped their lives.
It is important for group leaders to understand the gaps that have the potential to divide a group. This presentation will explore key features of the three generations, their learning styles, values, worldview and attitudinal framework and how it impacts on a group leader’s ability to connect with group diversity.

Conference: Demo
Areas of Interest / Categories: Cultural Issues, Group Therapy