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Focusing On Female Sexual Pleasure: Improving Sexual Satisfaction Across Cultures

Focusing On Female Sexual Pleasure: Improving Sexual Satisfaction Across Cultures

Introduction/Rationale: This Educational Experience
will critically examine the culturally influenced pathways
that lead to sexual dissatisfaction, with recommendations
offered for adapting the practice of sex
therapy to the culture-specific needs of the client(s).
Data from three sources will be highlighted: evidence
of Culture Bound Syndromes, disparities in the manifestation
of sexual problems worldwide, and global variations
in the presenting sexual complaints of those
seeking treatment. These data will be synthesized with
perspectives regarding cross cultural variations in sexual
values and the status of women. It will be argued
that the inhibiting effect of sexually conservative cultures
limits women’s opportunity for sexual experience
and expression. An additional argument will be made
that while sexually restrictive cultural values overwhelmingly
target women’s sexuality, the sexuality of
men is also negatively impacted. Specifically, the cultural
belief that female sexual pleasure is dangerous, or
irrelevant, co-exists with cultural imperatives that men
should perform sexually with naïve or passive partners
when they themselves have little knowledge, skill, or
experience. Sex therapy approaches that emphasize the
benefit of female sexual pleasure to the sexual satisfaction
of the couple will be presented.
Population/Settings: The presentation will focus on
the global adult heterosexual population (18–65
years old).
Outcome/Discussion/Recommendations: This presentation
will provide knowledge that is critical to
adapting sex therapy for a culturally diverse patient
Citations of supporting literature:
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Keywords: sexual dysfunction, culture, sex therapy
Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: None