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When Man Says No: Psychocultural Etiologies

When Man Says No: Psychocultural Etiologies

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Introduction: As current women have sexual experience
men are not more to deny that they suffer from
Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) and seek
expert help.
Methods: A study was done about current publications
on HSDD in men.
Findings & Discussion: Low sexual desire can be
due, to negative feelings such as boredom, grind routine,
lack of attraction among the couple, feelings of
frustration and mild anxiety, lack of satisfaction with
the relationship or partner, excessive work / professional
activity (stress), fear of sex due to traumatic
experiences, anxiety born of other sexual problems in
the relationship. Regarding individual psychosocial
causes, we find: the educational context (absence of
information on sexuality, transmission of sexual
taboos), the family context: parental and family weaknesses,
conflicts. Sexual traumas. Cultural issues:
Western culture teaches men and women, from childhood,
that it is a part of manhood/virility and of being
a man to demonstrate sexual desire and feel it. Then
there is the charge of the man and the woman about
the man taking the sexual initiative. Other causes:
stress in everyday life, the presence of a mild anxious
state. According to the clinical experience and research,
mild anxiety and stress are the bases of the disorder,
they have highlighted the anger, as underlying elements
in the absence of desire. Studies mention “cognitive
distractions” and “absence of erotic thoughts” within
the sexual context. Erectile dysfunction is the main sexual
problem that in research leads to low sexual desire,
although it may originate from other sexual problems.
The emotional reactions that accompany anxiety are
those as resentment or guilt, thus establishing a vicious
circle: resentment – inhibition of desire –resentment.
Recommendations: Sexologists should be aware of
the new publications on low sexual desire in men as it
is a multifactorial and complex theme.
Keywords: Etiologies, Hypoactive sexual desire.,
Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: None