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Working Towards a Culture of Liberation; Using a Dei Lens to Promote Organizational Change

Working Towards a Culture of Liberation; Using a Dei Lens to Promote Organizational Change

Introduction & rationale: Diversity, Equality, and
Inclusion committees are becoming more and more
commonplace in organizations that are conscious and
mindful of social justice issues. However, it is not
enough simply to create a body designed to advise on
these matters. As an organization leading the front of
sexuality education and practice, AASECT has committed
itself to using this lens in creation of every
committee, every project, every election, every policy,
and every decision made. We believe that, ultimately,
there can be no Sexual Health without Social Justice.
Action and Population group concerned: AASECT
has reworked its Bylaws and Policy & Procedure manuals
with this social justice lens in mind. By doing so,
each decision, even the way the organization goes
about making decisions, uses this social justice lens.
In this way we are better able to serve all our members,
as well as the people for whom they provide
Outcome: Creating and instituting the policy to use
this social justice lens has begun to transform our
organization towards a greater culture of liberation and
consent. However, it is not without controversy.
Shining a light into areas that were once dark, has illuminated
us to just how much work there is to
Discussion & recommendations: Systemic oppressions,
including oppression based on race, gender, sexual
orientation, ability, body size, and class impact us
all in our perceptions and how we interact with others.
In order to effectively collaborate and move our work
forward, we need to identify, understand, and manage
the oppressions that hold us back, and find ways to
break free creating a culture of liberated practices. In
doing so, it is important to have members of as many
“differences” as possible to enable the widest net cast.
Even with best efforts, there will be short sightedness
and prejudice. The goal is not to find completion,
rather a continued effort to move forward.
Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: None
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Keywords: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Speakers: Chris Fariello