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Doctoral Program In Medical Sexology

Doctoral Program In Medical Sexology

The Doctoral Program in Medical Sexology was
approved by the Venezuelan National University
Council last December 2018 and is a consequence of
the experience and result achieved in the implementation
of the Master Degree Program in Medical
Sexology that started in 1985. The experience has been
creative and nutritious. 61 physicians have finished his
three years full time Resident Training Program. This
has allowed to establish progressive the Research Lines
essentials for the development and maintenance of a
Doctoral Program.
The Program have four components: theoretical,
methodological, creditable and practical. A minimum
of 45 credit/unit have to be approved and a dissertation
and defense of a Doctoral Thesis is mandatory, which
is the central nucleus of the Program.
The candidate credential is analyzed and an interview
is preform, there after a Study Plan is presented
to the candidate. The program has a multi modal characteristics
meaning It is highly customized. The candidate
uses his own rhythm.
The Physician with a Doctoral Degree in Medical
Sexology is a researcher, a teacher and able to take care
of clinical cases.
Keywords: Sexology, Doctoral Program, Postgraduate
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