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A history of the theory of dreams.

A history of the theory of dreams.

David Russell summarises a history of dream, looking at dreams as a process . In this talk he tracks the history of how dreams have been used in the healing process as a process themselves from the VIth century BC by the greeks and the romans. From the act of incubation, as lying on the ground sleeping in a sacred cave where the person would get a dream or a vision which would cure her or him to very contemporary psychoanalysts and writers citing in particular the works of J.B.Pontales, James Hillman and  Robert Bosnak

David defines the psyche today as an ecology of mind as an ongoing relationship with the milieu rather than an entity or even a static event. Psyche participates in shaping its environment and the same environment shapes psyche. Psyche creates itself in its interaction with its milieu.

Conference: Demo
Areas of Interest / Categories: Dreams, Mind and Mind-Body