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Trauma Relief: An Integrated Approach for Working with Sexually Abused Clients

Trauma Relief: An Integrated Approach for Working with Sexually Abused Clients

Sexually traumatized patients often have problems with flashbacks, nightmares and avoidance. This workshop teaches an integrated method for trauma relief, combining knowledge from NLP, psycho dynamic therapy, cognitive therapy and modern trauma research. The method is based on the human memory storing system, which functions in the same way in all human beings. This means that the method easily can be used cross-culturally and for all gender combinations.

I presented the basis of this workshop at WAS 2009 and got very good feedback. It is now updated and I hope I will get a chance to present this new version at WAS 2011. The workshop consists of the theoretical background, a practical introduction with case studies, a training session and finally a group discussion. The goal of the workshop is that the participants shall be able to use the method and independently give sexually abused patients trauma relief. The method yields its best results when integrated in a therapeutic context but it is also possible to use it as a single intervention with good results. This means that the method can be recommended for education of “bare foot psychologists” in humanitarian aid projects.
References: Richard Bandler, Aaron T. Beck, Bob G. Bodenhamer, John Grinder, L. Michael Hall, Tad James, D. Min, Bessel van der Kolk and Wyatt Woodsmall

Speakers: Anders Lindskog
Conference: WAS Glasgow 2011
Areas of Interest / Categories: Dreams, Memory, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder