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Teaching Ethics/Bioethics: Time to Reset?

Teaching Ethics/Bioethics: Time to Reset?

The organized “bioethics” movement, 50 years old this year, has set out a way of thinking
about ethics that reflects the interests and training of the bioethicists themselves— typically philosophers, lawyers, sociologists, and others with PhDs or other advanced training in specific academic fields outside of health care—but that does not connect up well with the interests and training of health professionals. Likewise, efforts to teach bioethics as such, with its emphasis on applying abstract ethical principles to complex human situations, often leave health professionals spinning their wheels, possibly fascinated by the intellectual prowess and apparent expertise of bioethicists but nevertheless left with nothing to use in their own clinical work. In this talk I raise a series of questions about teaching ethics/bioethics and suggest that it’s time to reset how we think about teaching ethics in professional training and thereafter.

Speakers: Stephen Scher
Areas of Interest / Categories: Ethics, Westmead Think Tank 2019