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Rohingas Torture Victims, now New World Attention, Seeking Urgent Humanitarian Help.

Rohingas Torture Victims, now New World Attention, Seeking Urgent Humanitarian Help.

Bangladesh Centre For Human Rights And Development -bchrd, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Rohingya refugees triggered by genocide and ethnic cleansing by Mayanmar army and buddhist extremists, fled to Bangladesh on 25 August 2017 has reached an estimated staggering 1.2 million as of now. Rohingya refugees, the raped and tortured by Mayanmar army, need urgent humanitarian assistance including lifesaving interventions. The inter –agency immediate Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) for 2017-18 identified the areas of health, nutrition and food security and shelter for immediate scale-up to save lives. As per the HRP, the Rohingya population in Cox’s Bazar is highly vulnerable, many having experienced severe trauma and are now living in extremely difficult conditions. As a consequence of torture they suffered from physical, mental, social, legal and economic sequel. Victims of torture are traumatized and many develops long term complications with nightmare, flashback, depression, guilty feelings, isolation and even severe complications like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and or suicidal tendencies.
Rohinga torture victims, though receiving some services from the other sources, still need additional rehabilitation services. Physical torture, rape, burning of their houses etc traumatized them. Uncertainty about future is now further deepening their trauma. After medical treatment since arrival now they increasingly need psychological treatment & therapy as revealed by field observation. Urgent nutrition needs have been a priority area for the children and pregnant and lactating women. Under the circumstances we have to need to adopt Integrated Rehabilitation Approach (IRA) including treatment & rehabilitation support with a multidisciplinary team of
doctors, physiotherapists, mental health experts (psychologist, counselors, psychiatrist) and lawyers. as an intervention strategy including the following: Medical treatment, Psychotherapy/ cognitive behavior therapy /psychological first aid/ psychodrama. Social rehabilitation /livelihood training/handicraft/vegetable raising to supplement carbohydrate they receiving from the other sources. Body immunity will come from balanced diet. It seems the refugee issue will continue for a long time.

Speakers: Mahbul Haque