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When Man Says No: What Medications are Indicated?

When Man Says No: What Medications are Indicated?

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Introduction: The organic etiologies of decreased male
sexual desire should be treated with medications.
Methods: Review of literature on medications was
Findings & Discussion: Adults with established testosterone
deficiency may benefit from replacement
therapy. Treatment slows the course of osteopenia,
muscle loss, vasomotor instability, loss of libido,
depression, and occasionally erectile dysfunction.
Options for replacement therapy include: 1)
Testosterone gel; 2) Transdermal axillary solution; 3) A
buccal mucosal lozenge; 4) Transdermal testosterone
patch; 5) A nasal formulation (Spray); 6) Subcutaneous
testosterone implants; 7) IM testosterone enanthate or
cypionate; 8) IM testosterone undecanoate. Six months
of daily treatment with Vardenafil improves parameters
of endothelial inflammation and of hypogonadism in
male patients with type 2 diabetes and erectile dysfunction
Several clinical studies have shown that combination
treatment with sildenafil and testosterone was effective
in male patients with the following comorbid conditions:
bone marrow transplantation (BMT) and clinical
features of hypogonadism, ED, diminished libido, and
ejaculatory disorders; renal disease, ED, reproductive
abnormalities, and cavernosal arterial insufficiency;
hypogonadism and ED that was unresponsive to sildenafil
monotherapy; type 2 diabetes, and ED that was
unresponsive to sildenafil monotherapy; hypogonadism
and ED that did not improve satisfactorily with testosterone
monotherapy; low-normal serum testosterone
levels and ED that was unresponsive to sildenafil
monotherapy; and symptoms of partial androgen deficiency
in aging men (PADAM) and ED. Hypogonadal
men with ED and on hemodialysis demonstrated that
the combination of sildenafil plus erythropoietin
improved erection. For men suffer from hyperprolactinemia
one option is cabergoline. Treatment must also
focus on resolving the different causes of decreased
sexual desire such as during taking medication (antidepressants,
diuretics, antiretrovirals, antipsychotics, etc.)
liver cirrhosis, morbid obesity, kidney failure.
Recommendations: The sexologist must be up to
date on the best remedies to treat all etiologies that
lead to decreased sexual desire.
Keywords: Decreased sexual desire, Medicines,
Organic Etiologies
Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: None