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When Man Says No: Biological Etiologies

When Man Says No: Biological Etiologies

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Introduction: When there is decreased sexual desire is
important also to think about biological factors like
hormonal changes, diseases and side effects of
Methods: literature review of biological etiologies
that may contribute to disorders of sexual desire.
Findings & Discussion: Data suggests that about
25% of men aged 40–80 years or 16 to 59 respectively
have experienced desire dysfunction. Prevalence for
older men is approximately 41%. Low sexual desire
may be present in men with sexual difficulties, especially
those with erectile dysfunction. Hormonal factors
are often implicated in low sexual desire. Low testosterone
levels have been associated with low levels of sexual
interest. Hypogonadism or Androgen Deficiency of
Aging Male (ADAM) course with diminished functional
activity of the gonads, may account for the relationship
between aging and low sexual interest.
Hyperprolactinemia, and hypothyroidism have also
been associated with low sexual desire in men. Certain
medications, like SSRIs and SNRIs, have been linked to
low sexual interest in men. Atypical antidepressants
may have lower incidence of reduced sexual desire.
Neurological disorders and other inflammatory medical
conditions (bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative
colitis) are associated with low sexual desire.
However, decreased desire may result from the medications
used to treat these conditions. Coronary disease,
heart failure, renal failure, and HIV have also been
associated with low sexual interest in men. It remains
unclear if decreases in desire are due to the conditions
themselves, the medications used to treat the conditions,
or the psychosocial stressors that often accompany
Recommendations: Health professionals who intend
to treat men with diminished sexual desire should be
knowledgeable of biological etiologies as well as of psychosociocultural
causes. The man must be seen in an
integral context so that his sexual health is restored.
Keywords: Organic etiologies, Men, Decreased sexual
Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: None