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An Integrated Approach to Service Delivery that Supports Services to Survivors of Torture and Trauma.

An Integrated Approach to Service Delivery that Supports Services to Survivors of Torture and Trauma.

Melaleuca Refugee Centre, Australia
Melaleuca Refugee Centre (MRC) supports refugees and humanitarian entrants, survivors of torture and trauma, migrants and people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds to address their individual needs enabling them to become selfsufficient
and realise their aspirations. In doing so, it is hoped the refugee community of the Northern Territory (NT) are respected and recognised for their valuable social, economic and cultural contribution to our community.
We are often told that MRC is the “go to place” for all things refugee, migrant and CaLD in the NT. We believe this is due to our experience, people and networks as well as, our focus on individuals, families and communities, both young and old.
As a regional service provider that settles unlinked clients, MRC’s service delivery model brings together these complementary services some of which traditionally stand alone in other states and territories to support client’s resettlement journey in the NT.

  1. Humanitarian Settlement Provider,
  2. Program of assistance to survivors of torture and trauma
  3. Refugee Health Coordination point for the NT
  4. Youth Reconnect Program
  5. A number of other services that assist in employment of Refugees and Migrants and strengthens respectful relationships in families.
    MRC will speak to the approaches that have been used by the organisation to shift into its model of integration, the outcomes that such an approach generates and the impact on the recovery of clients who have experienced displacement, torture and trauma.
    We will also share our approach to working with various sectors such as the education, child protection and health to support the reform and redevelopment of innovative ways of fostering positive services for clients. Specific focus will be on how a small workforce collaborates within the one organisation to ensure optimum outcomes for clients underpinned by trauma informed and person centred approaches.