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A Tribute to Dr Cathy Urwin.

A Tribute to Dr Cathy Urwin.

Areas of Interest / Categories: Francis Trustin Meeting 2012

Francis Trustin Meeting 2012

How Autism Thwarts The Making Of A Relationship.

In this paper I distinguish between human beings as organisms that require food, drink and shelter for survival and the making of a relationship not to serve this need of the organism but for its own

Frances Tustin and Louise Bourgeois - an artist’s response to mismanaged psychological birth.

Frances Tustin states clearly that art can sometimes be used to work through mismanaged psychological birth. Louise Bourgeoise used her sculptures, drawings and journals to transform her early misery

Memories of Supervision with Frances Tustin.(Paper delivered by Liz Chaikin)

Altered epidermal growth factor receptor levels in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex may be implicated in suicidality in schizophrenia.

Emerging evidence demonstrates dysregulation of the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) system in schizophrenia (SCZ) with increased levels of the EGF receptor (EGFR) and decreased levels of EGF in both brain and blood. We have shown clozapine transactivates EGFR to augment signalling and this may be related to its clinical effects. We examined EGFR in post-mortem human brain tissue from people with SCZ and healthy controls. EGFR messenger RNA (mRNA) expression was measured by in-situ hybridization (ISH) and qRT-PCR and protein levels by Western blotting in dorsolateral pre frontal cortex (DLPFC) (BA46) from 37 persons with SCZ and 37 healthy controls. EGFR protein was significantly (p<0.04) increased in SCZ (1.63±1.15, mean±SD) compared to controls (1.218±0.21).