Clinical Profile of Men with Different Sexual Orientation

Clinical Profile of Men with Different Sexual Orientation

2018-09-01 00:00:00

Introduction: Medical, psychological and sexual problems are common in homosexual and bisexual men. In India, studies on sexual problems in these groups of men are sparse.

Material and methods: Records of attendies of an exclusive sexual medicine clinic in Hyderabad from March 2011-December 2015 were accessed. Men who came to discuss their sexual orientation problems or who came for sexual dysfunction and different sexual orientation, or who had homosexual experiences–are the subjects of this study.  Demographic data, principle complaint for meeting the doctor, homosexual experiences and partner profile were recorded. The Kinsey scale test was applied to all.

Results: The latest 100 men with homosexual attraction with or without homosexual sex act until December 2015 were analysed. During the same period 15 men came with complaint of homosexual activity or concern, but were categorized as pure heterosexuals. Out of these 100 clients 62 men are in 20-30 age group; 32 men in 30-40 age group; five are more than 40 years of age and one less than 20. 48 are unmarried; 47 are married; 5 are married and divorced. The primary complaint with which these 100 men attended the clinic are: To discuss homosexual orientation–22; To change to heterosexuality–17; Sexual dysfuntion–41; Non consummation of marriage–14; Sexually transmitted infections; 7 men came for treatment of sexual dysfunction with their male partners. 9 men had a single casual male sex partner; 17 men had a single steady male sex partner; 11 men had two male sex partners; 25 men had 3-10 male sex partners 21 men had 10-50 male sex partners; 2 men had 50-100 male sex partners and 4 men had sex with more than 100 partners. The Kinsey scale of homosexuality is applied to all these 100 men. 46 fell in the 5, 6 grade, 16 men are in the 1, 2 grade and the remaining men are in 3, 4 grade or bisexuals or indeterminate. The problems of the 15 men who are heterosexuals but concerned about their homosexual experimentation are also analysed. 

Suggested: Less than 40% of men came for or voluntarily revealed their homosexual tendency. Others has to be coaxed, enquired directly or took few more sessions. Studies with standard protocol, on a large scale, with representative sample in a community, in different geographic zones, by a group of specialists is needed to establish the problem.

No conflict of interest. Analytical support from Indian Institute of Public Health, Hyderabad.

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