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Transgenders: Can We Really Exist?

Transgenders: Can We Really Exist?

Introduction: When I was thirteen years old, I begun
taking female hormones. My father found out and
made me to stop, so I continued living a “double life”,
pretending to be a boy.
I am a lawyer, I have four business companies, speak
three languages, but if I have beared him at that time
and continued the hormonization, all those things
could never have happened to me, because of the
prejudice of the society.
The objectives of this presentation are to show how
an evil structure of the society prevents people of being
themselves and what should be done to change that.
Through the studies of some important authors, we
will try to show how the society controls people using
their gender and sexualities. Also, we intend to show
how unfair and harmful these controls can be for some
individuals and for the whole society itself. Describing
some real cases, we will show very clearly that these
authors were right.
Finally, we will try to show a way to reduce injustices,
preparing the future generations to respect the
human diversity, through the education.
Supporting literature:
Butler, J., Mead, M., Miskolci, R., Reich, W.
Keywords: prejudice, control, harm
Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: None

Speakers: Márcia Rocha