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Self-Regulation through Mind / Body Integration

Self-Regulation through Mind / Body Integration

In ancient wisdom traditions it was always obvious that Mind and Body were interconnected. Furthermore many cultures throughout the world have never separated mind and body. However, the phenomenon of the non-physical mind affecting the physical body was not often allowed for in the Western scientific paradigm.

There is now a growth in the understanding that you cannot really separate mind and body. Scientists are beginning to understand that communication between your mind and body is far more significant than was once realized. Furthermore the principles of mind and body being interconnected can be applied in the language of science.

This presentation will address Breathing with Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback, an empirically validated intervention to help us understand one aspect of the mind / body connection, how it can assist traumatised people in their capacity to self-regulate i.e. bring their dysregulated nervous system back into balance, and how it can be integrated into psychotherapy. It draws on our understanding of the autonomic nervous system and The Polyvagal Theory.

Speakers: Elana Cohen