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Training of Trainers in Sexual Health and Human Right: Process of Scaling Up for Sexual Health Counselling.

Training of Trainers in Sexual Health and Human Right: Process of Scaling Up for Sexual Health Counselling.

In this lecture we share our experience in training of trainers (30 persons from 11 countries) on Sexual Health and Human Rights as well the expected impact and possibility for scaling-up to train sexual health counselors to support people infected or affected by HIV/AIDS in those West African countries (more than 800 counselors and peers educators in 17 countries). This training of trainers in sexual health and human rights is carried out in collaboration between the GIP – Esther and the UNESCO Chair in Sexual Health & Human Rights. 

It aims at providing qualified trainers on this topic to the partner countries. It concerns people with medical and psychosocial background from Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Mali, Morocco, Niger, CAR, Senegal and Togo. The goal of this training is to provide 30 qualified trainers that will be able to train sexual health counselors at national level in gaining competencies in delivering sexual health education and for a selected group to deliver counseling in sexual health. The principle of this training is based on our strategy for capacity building and sharing knowledge and transfer skills to our partners in the South. 

In this lecture we argue that the right way to build sustainability is to transfer knowledge and skills to our partners in the developing countries and that this is the way for them to build confidence and become independent in order to scale up the program and train sexual health counselors (Who else on what?) The first direct beneficiaries from the training in the countries will be the Psychosocial Counselors, Mediators and Peer Educators working with PLWHA, MSM and sex workers. 

It aims at providing trainers qualified on this topic to the partner countries. It trained 30 trainers with medical and psychosocial background coming from 11 African countries and working in ESTHER partner’s organizations or facilities. Those trainers are linked and involved in ESTHER program. Upon going back to their respective countries the participants in this training will be able to scale up the trainings at national level. After the training they will be able to improve the quality of care and support in regards to the sexual health of their clients.

Speakers: Mamadou Dieng
Areas of Interest / Categories: Human Rights, Sexual Health, Support, WAS 2013

WAS 2013

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