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When Man Says No: Treatment with Psychotherapeutic Techniques

When Man Says No: Treatment with Psychotherapeutic Techniques

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Introduction: There is an increase in men who admit
they are suffering from Hypoactive Sexual Desire
Disorder (HSDD) or low desire and seek treatment,
after excluding organic etiologies or for a joint treatment
in the case of mixed etiologies.
Methods: We reviewed the publications on techniques
that can improve sexual desire in men.
Findings & Discussion: The choice of techniques is
based on the etiology of emotional and cultural factors
and involves the cognitive behavioral line and techniques
of sexual therapy and it is challenging because the
nature of desire is multifactorial. It may be necessary
to perform individual or couple therapy because each
situation is unique. The main techniques are listed :1)
Myths and beliefs involving the masculine universe and
sexual desire will be solved by techniques of cognitive
restructuring; 2) Misconceptions involving the sexual
response will be clarified by sex education and maybe
cognitive restructuring techniques; 3) To identify what
triggered desire in the past; 4) Search for new types of
erotic material that may be aphrodisiacs (like video,
photos, etc.); 5) To create sexual fantasies with material
that has erotic potential; 6) Thinking about erotic fantasies
and erotic material instead of thinking about sexual
performance charges. 7) Alone allow yourself to
have erotic sensations with your own body; 8) Guide
the Focusing of the Sensations grade I and II with the
sexual partner. This technique is applied together with
forbidden intercourse, so we seek to improve erotic
experiences while reducing anxiety and inhibition
about sexual activity, in order to reactivate sexual
Recommendations: Adapt to realistic bases the
treatment of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
(HSDD) by challenging the machismo culture, internalized
aspects of sexuality and relationship conflicts.
Keywords: Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, Men,
Psychotherapeutic techniques
Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: None