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Self Coming Into Being

Self Coming Into Being

Much has been written about the Conversational Model and its therapeutic benefits to the patient. A slightly overlooked area however is that of the learning and self-development a therapist undergoes in working within this model.

In this talk I hope to share my beginning reflections of a process of self-transformation which I have experienced over the course of a 3 year (or thereabouts) training in the Conversational Model.

From the violins of Cornelius DuFallo and Amy Kauffman to the visual images of Josh Dorman, through Iyengar yoga, the writings of Carl Rogers, Estelle Shane, and Brendan McPhillips, my training case, and the experiences of my fellow 3rd year trainees I hope to share something of my process of letting go and opening to my-self.

If you have a few minutes feel free to have a wonder around this beautiful collaboration between Anna Clyne Josh Droman which will offer a backdrop to my talk

Speakers: Nicky Abitz