Self: Alive and Singing

Self: Alive and Singing


Self is not a given. It is creatively grown in the space between people, in positive, contingent connected relationships that speak and move and flow and sing. It is also broken down by trauma and loss: in childhood, in adulthood, across the life span. It is one of the poles of the Conversational Model, trauma being the other. This week will examine both normal development and then some of the way disorganisations and restrictions are seen in the therapy room. We will also remind ourselves of the way bodies, brains and minds are connected and how self-dysregulation is the bane of well-being and a lively playful self is the boon. We are nonetheless amazingly resilient;we seek to live, not just survive: we will seek a way through…

In preparation attendees are asked to 1) reread one of the favourite poems or stories of their childhood and reflect on their own felt connect to this piece and 2) watch the video of Sia’s song experience.

Who and what has made us? Who are we becoming, together?

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